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Our Philosophy

We believe in the combined power of empathy, analytics and creativity.

hg0088现金注册In an age of unprecedented abundance of choice and speed of innovation, customers’ expectations are moving faster than businesses. While incremental change is still essential, it’s no longer sufficient. It takes bold moves to leap ahead of customers and competitors. We call them Iconic Moves.

Our always on operating system is designed for a new era in brand.

hg0088现金注册By turning customers into active participants, we help our clients strengthen their brands on an ongoing basis – our approach gives them the confidence to make Iconic Moves that spark desire and create utility, driving extraordinary results.

What does it take to make an Iconic Move?

Our three areas of focus:

  1. Human Truths

    We surface the deep human truths a brand needs to inspire the next moves.

    hg0088现金注册We don’t just study the disruptive forces in the marketplace. We collaborate with real people in real time – to identify the emerging desires and behaviors poised to disrupt or inspire next. Unlocking new opportunities and new paths to growth.

  2. Economics

    We don’t just bring you ideas. We size them. Assess the risks and rewards of them. And enable you to build investment and seize marketplace opportunities with confidence.

  3. Experiences

    hg0088现金注册We build brand platforms in which every interaction is a shared experience with your customers. We evaluate which interactions and experiences will deliver your move, capturing people’s imaginations and altering the competitive landscape. We design with a passion for beauty, distinctiveness and functionality.

Why Interbrand?

For more than forty years, we’ve been partnering with the world’s leading businesses to create Iconic Moves that transform perceptions and drive business growth.

We've helped them:

Attract Capital

We create a robust, compelling equity story for future business performance to build confidence among investors and the financial community.

Captivate New Audiences

hg0088现金注册We uncover new growth opportunities by reaching new types of customers – and then making the moves that will turn their heads.

Command a Premium

We help increase margins by designing more emotive, differentiated interactions that spark desire, sustaining price and demand.

Create New Arenas

With sector boundaries blurring, successful competition is increasingly about imagining and building new ‘categories of one’ that reframe customer needs in new ways.

Design a Growth Roadmap

Supported by always-on customer understanding, our roadmaps help clients navigate short- and long-term change, creating a brand trajectory that includes incremental and Iconic Moves.

Drive Portfolio Growth

We help our clients create focus, resources where they will have the most impact on customers and the business performance overall.

Enhance M&A or Spin-off Success

We help maximize and sustain value from a merger, acquisition or spin off by finding the best ways to mobilize customers and employees in the change.

Enrich Customer Experiences

hg0088现金注册In the age of algorithms and aggregators, experience is the differentiator. By deeply understanding customers, we design interactions that matter – that shift expectations and generate growth.

Identify New Revenue Opportunities

hg0088现金注册We reframe businesses challenges from the customers’ perspective, identifying a deep, compelling customer promise which we grow it into a living ecosystem of products, services and experiences.

Launch New Offers

When the power of our thinking meets deep customer understanding and rigorous economics, sparks fly – and we help innovation cut through the clutter, driving returns.

Mobilize Talent

Great results start from within – from the right culture to the right capabilities. We help our clients attract and motivate the best talent by designing strategies that provide clarity, commitment and governance.

Rethink Metrics

Metrics are only as good as the confidence they can give, and the risk they remove. We uncover, create and aggregate the indicators that help make the best decisions.

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