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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Interbrand

Celebrating diversity, encouraging inclusivity and committed to respect for people around the world within our company, amongst our clients and for our communities worldwide.

hg0088现金注册We believe in and strive to create a world that recognizes the importance of humanity and kindness. By applying our energy, talents and ideas to helping bring people together, we aspire to create impact and drive progress – improving our world for all.

hg0088现金注册Branding is very much about using visual, verbal and experiential language to influence and shape the world we want to live in. This year we have created a series of symbols to celebrate diversity and to show our support for those who need it.

hg0088现金注册Diversity always exists in social systems. Inclusion, on the other hand, must be created. In order to maximize diversity, an environment must be created where people feel supported, listened to, and able to do their personal best. That is why we are encouraging and empowering our employees around the world to choose how to signify their identity, their beliefs and their support – as an individual, or as an ally.

The LGBTQ+ design reflects a commitment to the definition of diversity as being different or unique at the individual or group level, including: age; ethnicity; gender; gender identity; gender expression; language(s) spoken; nationality; immigration status; political affiliation(s); parental status; physical, mental, and developmental abilities; body type; race; religion; sexual orientation; serostatus; skin color; socio-economic status; as defined by the perspectives of each individual shaped by their nation, experiences, and culture.

hg0088现金注册The Persons of Color design acknowledges the importance of acceptance and empowerment for individuals from the communities of color. With the rise and mobilization of #blacklivesmatter we at Interbrand stand for and beside Persons of Color to end discrimination in all forms while also accelerating advancement for people of all races, ethnicity and identity in the workplace and society.

hg0088现金注册At Interbrand Group we are committed to diversity and inclusion for all. We are committed to providing accessibility and career advancement for all. We are committed to providing a safe, welcoming and supportive environment as an employer for all people around the world that recognizes and celebrates their individuality.


Chief Innovation Officer, Interbrand Group
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